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Thursday, June 30, 2005

I Like Tuesdays

Very happy. Listening to Kaiser Cheifs, very loudly. Very, very, loudly.

What a great day. I used to hate Tuesdays. I like them now. Especially now I’ve done all my homework so now I can ramble for a while and listen to the House of Kaiser instead. Weren’t they great at Glastonbury? They were my highlight, with The White Stripes, The Killers and Keane in at a close joint second.

I can recite the words to Oh My God off by heart, apart from one line. One line! AAGGH! And that one line is: “Great ruins make for greater glories”.

I really must remember that.

What a brilliant song. You see, rock music is scarce in Hobbiton. We have our songs, and lovely songs they are, but dear Mr Pippin singing songs about how dreadful war can be is very different to listening to dear Ricky Wilson singing about the fact that he predicts a riot.

Anyway, must go. I’ll explain more about the dreadful state of Middle Earth music tomorrow


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