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Saturday, June 25, 2005


Currently extremely happy, but uncomfortably warm. Listening to U2 on Radio 1, wishing that they would stop playing U2 as they are ever so boring.

Glastonbury's been great so far, hasn't it? This is the best one so far. The Killers were amazing! The White Stripes were incredible! The Zutons were great! Fatboy Slim probably caused half the population to go blind, but he still did a good performance!

I am very impressed. Radio 1 played a Keane track a minute ago LIVE from Glastonbury. I want them to play another one. Us hobbits have to stick together, you know.

I like Glastonbury. I want to go one year. A year with a drought. I hate mud.


But I really would like to go. Kaiser Cheifs in forty minutes! I cannot wait!



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