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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Currently bored with homework. Wanting to play on Sims and get a Kylie song out of my head.

I’m BORED! I can’t do my RE homework. Why were we set something that isn’t even in the textbook? I’ll have to research it tomorrow, boh. Shame. I wanted to get all my work done tonight. It’s my target, you see, to get everything done so I can have a free weekend to do whatever I want. I want to watch my new DVD! I watched the first ten minutes last night and it brought back so many memories of being twelve. However, I never actually got over being thirteen, so I’m actually still convinced that I am twelve. That was years ago, now, though. How old am I now? I don’t know.

Perhaps I’m 87, and too old to go to school. Perfect! I’ll quit tomorrow.


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