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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Rock and Roll and Pebbles and Baguettes

Currently happy but hungry, listening to someone that I have never heard of on the radio.

Check out the new blog, people! My old one got completely messed up so I decided to start afresh. Look, this one has links! I created it this morning in a slight rush. I’m currently working on my website (Doughnut Legend, go check it out in the Links section. Actually, don’t.). It’s going okay but very slowly. I haven’t been able to do anything on it for the past few days due to it being my birthday.

I keep meaning to collect some midi files together to put on it. I’ve got one – impressive collection, I know – and I know all the ones that I want to get, but it’s just such a hard and tedious job of saving them all to disk, uploading them to Freewebs, at the moment I just can’t be bothered.

I’m really hungry, too. I can’t do my usual chocolate eating sessions in between meals anymore, as I went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago and he said that I need to cut down the amount of sugar I eat so that means less chocolate, boh. That makes me sad. I just ate a carrot, yet I’m still hungry. Seven and a half minutes to lunch. Pancakes today! Woo!

Thanks to everyone who helped make my birthday one of the best birthdays ever! I got everything that I wanted so thank you all so much! Got tons of CDs (Green Day, Athlete, Embrace, Killers and one that my friend made for me) and films (Star Wars I and II, and both Spiderman movies). I am a very lucky person. I also got loads of chocolate, which is great, but I can’t eat it in between meals, unfortunately. Some very posh chocolate, too, yum.

Five minutes till lunch. If I keep typing and stop looking at the clock, then time will probably go faster. I’ve got school tomorrow. Rats. That’s the one disadvantage about Sundays – the day after. PE first thing. I mean, c’mon, how can they expect us to do a five minute run around a field at 8:45 in the morning? And I have to get into school even earlier than usual because I have a music lesson at eight. I don’t mind though, because I like my music lessons. And now I study music three times a week at school, life keeps getting better and better!

One and a half minutes to lunch. Oh my, this is a long entry. You can tell that I need something to do. I went shopping on the evening of my birthday and got the Cardcaptors movie on DVD. I haven’t watched it yet but it looks great. I watched Spirited Away this morning – that’s an amazing film. All of my friends are in despair I think because the majority of my film collection is ‘cartoons’. It’s called anime, people! ANIME!

Ooo! It’s one o’clock! That means lunch is nearly ready! Goodee. I’ve got quite a few anime stuff now. I’m rather proud of my collection. Studio Ghibli have just released a new film, I think. The Cat Returns, or something. It looks good – it’s about a girl that turns into a cat. Sounds like my weird kind-of thing.

I think I’ll be seeing it on my own though. No-one else that I know likes that kind of thing. One of my friends might like it. Although it may not have enough zombies in for her.

I never saw the first Scoobie-Doo film. The second one was great, but I never saw the first. I remember a time when I got really into the cartoon series last year. I watched it nearly every morning throughout the Easter holiday. I’m surprised how long that show has managed to last though, because it’s the same storyline for every episode. Spooky guy – oh no, we’re all terrified – oh, don’t worry, it was the cleaner.

Five past one. Why isn’t lunch ready? I’m hungry. I want pancakes.

I’ve been typing for twenty minutes. Have you read all that I’ve written here? Wow, you’re dedicated.

I’ll stop in a minute. Lunch has got to be ready at some time or other. It’s an important fixture in my day. But what’s the big deal with breakfast? I don’t get breakfast. Well, I get breakfast, but I don’t understand breakfast. People say that it’s the most important meal of the day, but, when you think about it, it is small, often eaten in a rush and at a time in the morning when you’re so asleep you don’t appreciate it. It’s ridiculous!

There is nothing ridiculous about lunch though. What I do find strange though, is people that have lunch at twelve o’clock. Why? It’s too early! Eat it at one, like normal people! If you can call me normal. I don’t know when I’ll be having lunch today though. It’s ten past one and I am starving. Twenty-five minutes of typing hasn’t made me less hungry.

Anyway, I think lunch is actually ready now. My sister is poking my head. That seems like a good enough reason to go and eat. Ta-ra.


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