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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Summer. Woooo.

Very happy, but rather tired and cold. Listening to Jet for the third time today.

So, it’s summer is it? You couldn’t tell. It’s raining and my feet are frozen solid. Having a great holiday though. Oh yes – because I’m on holiday I won’t be online as often as I usually am. I rely on the school computers to go on the shoutboxes mainly. I’ll be on twice weekly though.

I haven’t got any particular plans this summer. I’m just taking things as they happen. I’ve been on two shopping trips but I haven’t bought anything. I hope to change that soon.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Poem (2)

Rather happy, but too hot. Listening to The Used.

I don’t get junk emails no more
I don’t get junk from ‘BigFix’
They would always tell me
How to improve my PC
I didn’t want their help
So I deleted it.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Corneil, you spoke!

Listening to The Lord of the Rings soundtrack for my drama work. Very happy. Very happy indeed.

I am an incredible dog.
I can do incredible things.
I can play the piano like a pro
And I can even sing.

I can skip, I can dance
I can even walk
But the most impressive of all
Is that I can talk!

Corneil, you spoke!

Yes, but don’t breathe a word of it to anybody.

Watch my chops
It’s no joke, the dog he spoke, he said
Watch my chops
And they must never hear a word
A talking dog
How absurd!

I hope that those are the real lyrics. If so, I remembered them off by heart. Go me. I haven’t seen that programme in ages. I miss it. Same with the Fairly Odd Parents and the Angry Beavers. Those were the days.

We had to do a five minute run today in PE. For half the field, I was in front. I was even ahead of that blonde girl. Yeah. Her.

Go me.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Fifteen Minutes

Very happy, listening to the Gorillaz.

Fifteen minutes until The Simpsons. Well, seventeen minutes if you want to be precise. Sixteen minutes now. Hope you’re alright. I am. I’m very happy. And, before you ask, I’m not happy because of the Olympics bid. Big waste of money if you ask me, but then again I have absolutely no interest in sport whatsoever. It was my school’s sports day yesterday. Ho ho ho. What a load of rubbish.

We sit in a field for two hours, attempting to show interest in the sporty kids who run for their lives and then fall over into a humiliating heap. I did nothing, apart from talk to my friends and pick up some litter. I was a reserve for the relay race, and I spent most of yesterday morning praying that I wasn’t going to be called up to do it. I honestly cannot be bothered. Is there any point to sports day? The same house win every year. I feel no competitiveness like I usually do, like when playing some strange game in German the other day when I nearly broke the whiteboard. But that’s a different story. Keep an ear out for it on Jackanory.

Which is making a comeback. How lovely! I don’t remember it much, though. I love kid’s television, though. I really do! I have Cbeebies on my favourites on my television. Has anyone been on the Boobah site though? I’m a bit worried about those Boobahs. They do not appear to have a reason for their existence.