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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hob-brits 2007 (It's that time of year again!)

The 'Why?' Award

Orson. Why did they win? Why were they even nominated? So many questions...

Biggest Loser

Poor Lily Allen. Her father spent more time on the stage than she did

Most Nervous Person

Ricky Wilson, presenting 'Best International Female'. Must have Nelly Potato-phobia

Most Humourous Speech

I don't even like the Arctic Monkeys, but their outfits were stupendous

The 'Well, We All Hoped They Would Win But Deep Down Knew They Wouldn't' Award

Guillemots up for 'Best Live Act'. Yes, Muse are fantastic, yes, I adore them, yes, I did once see Matt Bellamy on a boat, but Guillemots are so nice and new and shiny and brilliant I really wanted them to win.

The 'I Like You More Than I Did The First Time Around!' Award

Take That. I bet you're kicking yourself now, Robbie

The 'Where Did That Accent Come From?' Award

Joss Stone, Devon's favourite American

The 'Molyan, Stop Yelling At The Telly' Award

When Justin Timberlake won 'Best International Male'. And Beck, and DYLAN, didn't

Best British Female

Me. Obviously. Hey, two years running


At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great awards this year! lol!


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