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Friday, February 17, 2006

Hob-brits 2006 (See what I did there? Eh? Eh?)

Worst Acceptance Speech

Jack Johnson. At least it was short

Person Who Had The Least Idea Who Anyone Was

Paris Hilton. Who's new album is inspired by 'music. And fun'. Jolly good

Person Who Probably Didn't Know Where They Were By The End Of The Evening

Ricky Wilson. No doubt about that

People Who Should Have Won At Least One Award

Arcade Fire. They're very good, and they're French-Canadians

Most Confusing Win

Green Day getting best International Album when it was released in 2004 and was up for that award last year. Oh well, it's still a good album

Creepiest Speech

James Blunt when he won best pop act. Absolutely terrifying

The 'Crawl Back Into The Cave You Came From' Award

Chris Evans. Please go away

Best Performance of 'Purple Rain'

Prince. Although KT Tunstall came close

Best Performance When Receiving An Award

Kaiser Chiefs, Best British Group, as Ricky Wilson is an absolute LEGEND, closly followed by the stage invasion when they received Best Rock Act

The 'Molyan, Stop Yelling At The Telly' Award

When James Blunt won best British Male against Ian Brown. That was wrong

The 'Aw, Let's Just Give Them All The Awards' Award

Kaiser Chiefs. Because they are fantastic. And they sent me an email to thank me for voting for them.

Best British Female

Me. Obviously

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Molyan Has A Mini-Breakdown Number 137

Top of the Pops is poor. And that's official. Ever since they moved it to a Sunday, got rid of the music news section and got Fearne Cotton to present. But I could live with that, because I had Popworld. 10:30, every Saturday. All was well. The excellent interviews and fantastic miming from all the big names and slightly rubbish names, and, best of all, the wonderful presenting of Simon and Miquita.

And now they are leaving the show.

And that is very wrong.

I understand that the sense of humour is not for everyone. In fact, I heard that 1 in every 3 people thinks that Simon Amstell is a smug idiot. Which he is. But so am I. And it was nice to find someone who shares the same sense of humour as myself.

A sense of humour which is apparently 'not appreciated' by my Physics teacher. Odd fellow. I only did a full demonstration on what a wind turbine sounds like.

"Whoosh. Thud. Whoosh. Thud. Whoosh. Thud."

I thought it was a good presentation.

But anyway, this has been a bad month for the pop business. First Smash Hits, now this.

I need another hug.