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Sunday, March 25, 2007


And I agree. I'm sorry. I've been slacking.


Right, what have I been doing whilst I haven't been posting. Well, I tried to get my head round Eastenders. And failed. I only recognised one person in it, and that's because he was in the video for 'Parklife'. So I gave up with that.

Then I tried to watch Hollyoaks. That was even worse. That programme is far too complex for a simple hobbit like me. So I gave up with that, too.

Then the telly broke. I blame Eastenders and Hollyoaks.

We were without said telly for a long time. So, we had to make our own entertainment. Like hand puppets. And Charades.

We all lost the will to live after two days.

Then something brilliant happened.

I got a DAB radio.

All our problems were solved by the power of BBC 6Music. We sat around it on Friday nights listening to Bob Dylan's Theme Hour. This week's theme was dogs. I like dogs.

After the radio came into our lives, we thought that we would never need a television again! But this Tuesday, the telly returned. It was only when it came back when we realised how much we had missed it. I gave it a hug and my hair went static.

We have now made a family agreement never to watch Eastenders or Holloaks again in case the telly dies. Again. I think we'll manage.